iONE js

Autonomous software for the home furnishing industry

Thé brand new ERP Package

For the home furnishing industry


Outsource 80% of your work

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Thanks to artificial intelligence,
you just need to final check

The new way of working is here

Get ready for the new iONE! With iONE js you only have to deal with the things that réally require your attention. The rest is done for you.

iONE js is developed with the latest web techniques and offers a user friendly, intuitive and fully responsive interface. With iONE js productivity increases and costs decrease while you offer excellent service to your customers. Get access to a fully digitized and automated purchasing process, from order to delivery. A first all-in-one platform where never before so many channels came together.

iONE js. The new way of working in the home furnishing industry

The ERP software for the home furnishing industry

Unlock new possibilities.

With autonomous business software

iONE js is designed for a generation of buyers who value self-service and online shopping. They want to be able to experience the product in store and seek advice, to then configure and/or order it online via their phone.

iONE js makes this possible. Thanks to QR codes on the product labels, the customer (or seller) can easily look up the product on a phone or tablet and order it directly.

The shopping cart/order entry are naturally the same in the physical store as online, to keep everything running smoothly and offering your customers an unprecedented experience.

Thanks to the use of Intelligent Automation, Workflow Engine and Robotization, iONE js takes 80% of your work off your hands and points out things that really require your attention in the remaining 20%. This saves you valuable time while everything runs smoothly.

iONE js is also equipped with an intuitive, fresh and accessible interface, which ensures extensive ease of use. All information is clear, arranged in logical dashboards and exactly where you expect it to be.

With iONE js you have a fully digitized and automated purchasing process. For example, all notifications and updates between customers and suppliers are sent automatically and orders are delivered using a digital delivery note and signature. So,even your suppliers work with iONE js from their phone!

This way your customers get the attention and service they expect from you, without you having to do anything yourself.

Never before this many channels came together in 1 ERP platform. iONE js is the central point of all your business processes, sales and communication channels.

Manage communication to and from suppliers and customers, your 3D tools and configuration builder, up to digital catalogs from countless suppliers from iONE Marketplace. Thanks to a headless containment of product catalog and checkout, it’s all possible.

Thanks to the completely renewed interface and the ease of use, iONE js is also accessible for the smaller entrepreneur.

You are no longer confronted with screens and functions that are irrelevant. iONE JS is clear, accessible and only shows the data that is important to you. This way you can grow without worries and optimally serve today’s customer, while having access to the latest techniques and automation.

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