Product Configurator

Assemble furniture in 3D without errors


Exceed expectations and go beyond imagination

Visualization capabilities with iONE360

applicable to any customizable product | suitable for ecommerce

With a product configurator you can easily show your products in all possible variants and positions, so that your customers can finally see and experience them before they buy. Literally going beyond the imagination!

This way you make an unforgettable impression and quickly and easily convert their doubts into enthusiasm in one or two clicks.


Productvisualisatie in combinatie met configuratie stelt klanten in staat jouw producten beter voor te stellen en geeft ze het vertrouwen om te kopen. Naast tevreden klanten, levert dit een hoop meerwaarde op voor jouw bedrijf:

What a product configurator does,

when combined with good product visualization

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less visualisation costs
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and efficiency
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Dining Chair

3D Product Configurator

Dining table

3D Product Configurator

Modular sofa

3D Product Configurator

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Sensational room planner

Who wouldn’t want to be able to play in a digital version of his or her living environment with ideas based on real products, that can actually be ordered?

Who wouldn’t want to be able to play in a digital version of his or her living environment with ideas based on real products, that can actually be ordered?


Always the right information

Thé product configurator for the home furnishing industry makes it possible to configure the most extensive options of your products and display them immediately. Your sales employees are guided step by step through the configuration, so that they no longer forget to include anything in the sales process. Choices of previous elements can be adjusted in any order and impossible combinations are automatically excluded from your selection. This way, margins of error in your sales and purchase orders are drastically reduced immediately.

In combination with 3D or 2D visualization, every step in the product composition becomes understandable and your customers will see what your configurable furniture will look like in real life. They will have an accurate and realistic picture of your products, so that they can buy with confidence and enthusiasm, which leads to an increase in conversion by no less than 27%.

Help your customers buy!

I am very impressed with the way Colijn IT has managed to configure complex items in a very simple and clear way. Many entrepreneurs will use it and they will realize that they will save a lot of time and money here.

Frans Poorter, Sleeptrade formula

The power of a "unified channel" solution

Versatile and integrable

We play well with others. This reflects in our solutions. Our product configurator can be used in your stores within the iONE business ERP software, but it can also be integrated in numerous applications, such as Microsoft Business Central, webshops and AR and VR applications.

We opt for optimal efficiency; because no matter how many applications we integrate the configurator into, there will always be one configuration engine; one place from where all your product information is managed and made accessible. This way you can also easily opt for an omni-channel approach for your most complex products. After all, your customer is also on active on various channels!