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Integrations of real added value


Is your webshop a representative reflection of your company and your products?

Why do integrations empower you so much?

Your customers make less and less distinction between the channels they meet you. They now move seamlessly between the various channels and are increasingly being combined. Moreover, more and more channels are being added…

It is therefore all the more important that your website, webshop or app is also ready for these consumers, so that you can help them at exactly the right time.

But, you can't do magic, can you?

By integrating software applications with web modules, you can automatically operate your channels with a uniform experience with minimal effort.

Moreover, integrations open doors to offer new product experiences and take your service to the next level.

Advanced web modules

for webshops and websites

A smart webshop with the simplicity of managing and accessing information from a single source; that is our Magento 2 webshop integration. Current product, stock and order information are automatically placed on your webshop from iONE, while customer and order data from your webshop are automatically loaded into iONE. No duplication of work, no errors, always up to date and uniform communication across all your channels.

Involve your customers in your sales and after-sales processes easily and quickly by easily giving them insight into their orders, control over planning deliveries and submitting service requests. Integrally included in the Relationship Management of the iONE software and therefore directly linked to your processes. This is how you give the answer before the question is asked! An important step towards offering a perfect customer-oriented experience.

Your most complex products can also be easily configured and assembled online. We can integrate our product configurator into your webshop or website, so that your customers there also have the opportunity to configure and immediately display the most extensive configurations of your products. From webshop to store or from store to webshop; you always know how to surprise and inspire.

A webshop experience that is 100% tailored to the furniture industry, including a tailor-made order process that fully matches your business processes with options that regular CMSs cannot offer? It sounds too good to be true, but it really exists!

iONE offers various web services with which data can be accessed from and to your ERP software. As a result, you can have your own links developed in your own way with an IT partner.

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Professional webshop modules for the home furnishing industry

Magento 2 modules that save you a lot of work

Integrations open up a world of possibilities for you and your customer. Without having to put in extra effort, because by efficiently dealing with information exchange you only have to do the work once. Information and data such as article information, orders, quotes and customer data are automatically exchanged with your iONE software. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also costs associated with errors, ambiguities, duplication of work and miscommunication.

webshop integratie

Unified channel

One source, many applications

Our integrations go beyond just efficient data movement. We believe in independent web-based applications that can be integrated anywhere and used on any device.

That’s why we can provide a furniture configurator that allows you to offer a product range with enormous depth in even the simplest website. And a customer portal with which your customer can create services and plan their own deliveries that are processed directly in iONE. And what about 3D models that can be used from a single source in your store, on your webshop, in AR and VR applications and even in a room planner?


One total solution

We believe in a complete solution. That is why we offer you a solution in which we also take care of the hosting. In this way we ensure that you can work with the highest quality, speed and safety and that you have the ideal settings for our software to function optimally.

Our technique,
your appearance

The power of our web modules partly stems from the possibility to easily integrate them into almost any web application, after which they can easily be adapted to the style of your webshop or website. One uniform appearance, for you and your customer.

Are you ready?

Our web team can't wait to let you experience the benefits of webshop integration!