HomeDecoHub - het 3D interieur platform voor de woonbranche


The 3D interior platform for the furniture industry


"At least 80% of the designs in HomeDecoHub result in an order."

Marlou Deurloo - Lance
Owner - Ladela

Strengthen your Sales Team

Set up rooms in only MINUTES from REAL collections and help your customers buy!
Focus on SALES

HomeDecoHub focuses on selling furniture. Because that’s what it’s all about in the end. Enable your salespeople to effortlessly showcase furniture in a compelling context with just a few clicks.

work with UP TO DATE collections

Easily browse through your suppliers’ collections. Place real furniture with real configuration options. See pricing and inventory information and order directly from the room planner.


Stop spending time on mood boards or drawings that aren’t 100% realistic. With HomeDecoHub, you place orders without mistakes that perfectly align with the customer’s preferences and meet their expectations.

"From imagination to (virtual) reality"

“This handy online tool allows you to experiment with different layouts and furniture pieces, allowing you to visualize your dream interior before you invest. 

It saves time, prevents mistakes and gives you the freedom to let your creativity run wild.”

Combine and Visualize with Ease

Build a room, furnish it and decorate it within minutes. You get to decide the level of detail. Combine products from any available catalog, configure them on the spot and view prices. 

"HomeDecoHub is not a complex designer tool, but a practical tool that anyone can work with. Including salesmen and consumers."

Frans Herman
Commercial Director - Habufa

With Integrated Product Configurator

HomeDecoHub supports full integration with the iONE360 Product Configurator. This allows error-free configuration of products on site.

MyRoomPlans - het 3D interieur platform voor de woonbranche
MyRoomPlans - het 3D interieur platform voor de woonbranche

Up- and Cross Selling

The ability to display and combine your products in a digital representation of an existing room is very compelling and engages your customer even more.

This brings a whole new dimension to up- and cross-selling, making this visualization tool a compelling and effective sales tool.

"When I work with the room planner, my order goes through way quicker."

Ella Jansen
Saleswoman - Hoogenboezem
From Quick Sketch to Comprehensive Advice

Is the client looking for a completely new interior? Or does it just require confirmation whether that particular sofa or table will fit? Whether it’s a quick sketch of a room or a comprehensive consultation where every detail of the room is worked out, anything is possible!

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Nicole van Riel
Concept Manager - XOOON

Why HomeDecoHub?

HomeDecoHub enables end customers to visualize products in context. This answers questions and remove doubts. The end customer gains the confidence to buy.

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HomeDecoHub - het 3D interieur platform voor de woonbranche
Globally Represented
The Place Where All Furniture Brands and Retailers Come Together

Gain access to a global network of brands and retailers with the ability to present furniture collections in a compelling and visually appealing way that drives sales.

Affiliated retailers benefit from:

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HomeDecoHub is always evolving. As a result, you are guaranteed to have access to the latest technologies and can enjoy the most optimal user experience.

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HomeDecoHub - het 3D interieur platform voor de woonbranche