100% efficiency, 200% customer experience. Thanks to iONE

"I only want one thing: to work completely paperless."

When Marlou Deurloo-Lancee took over an existing home furnishings store in October 2020, she had a very clear vision in mind: to go completely paperless and offer customers the ultimate shopping experience. In doing so, she wanted to take the company to the next level. A store that is completely up-to-date, where everything is available digitally, so that no time is lost on administrative tasks and more time and attention is given to the customer. 



    • Specialist in living
    • Active for over 40 years
    • Westland / South Holland Region
    • 1,100 m2 of retail space
    • 5 staff members
    • 3 brands under one roof

From home improvement store to dream store

Ladela has been a household name in the West Country for many years. A spacious home furnishings store with an extensive collection for every budget. Marlou seized the opportunity to realize her dream store with both hands when she took over. A variety of concepts are presented in different showrooms. The clearly laid out rooms immediately give the customer a good idea of all the possibilities and combinations.



Fully digital and paperless

Working paperless was at the top of Marlou’s wish list. “You know that. You buy something, you get one of those yellow copies of your order confirmation. And by the time something is wrong with the item and you need the receipt, you can’t find it anywhere. I wanted to get rid of that at all costs.”

Thanks to iONE’s software, that wish has been met. The store now uses tablets and mobile devices exclusively. The order is entered completely digitally; there is no more manual work involved. Even signing the order confirmation is done digitally. And a few minutes later, the customer has the signed order confirmation in his mailbox, even with pictures of the items ordered.

Marlou: “All the time you normally spend on administrative matters, you can now spend on your customer. And that’s what you want. The only piece of paper the customer still gets from me is the pin receipt.”


    • Working completely paperless
    • Working as efficiently as possible
    • Provide ultimate customer experience

"The only piece of paper the customer still gets from me is the pin receipt," he said.

Marlou Deurloo - Lancee I owner


Error-free orders

An additional advantage of entering the order digitally is that all options are automatically reviewed as well. Marlou: “That way you can’t overlook any detail. Type of upholstery, type of base, color of legs … Every part is covered. That helps enormously in the conversation with the customer. First, you can be confident that everything is filled in correctly. Second, you can be sure that the item ordered is completely to the customer’s liking. That way you avoid incorrect orders, as well as possible disappointments afterwards.”

The same goes for the Guarantee Plus Plan. If the customer orders an item with seats, the software automatically alerts the salesperson to the possibility of taking out additional insurance for the upholstery, with an overview of how much it costs. An extra service to the customer that cannot be overlooked in this way.

Once the order is entered and approved by the customer, it can be transferred to the supplier at the push of a button, where it is processed immediately. Ladela will then be notified the same day when the goods will be delivered. You can hardly get much faster!


    • Fully integrated digital system
    • Error-free orders
    • Short lines, fast service
    • Optimal experience thanks to  product configurator
    • Personalized interior design advice with MyRoomPlans
    • Extra security with Warranty Plus Plan  
    • Comprehensive management information


Optimal service and experience

Another of Ladela’s spearheads is “thinking with the customer and giving them the best possible advice. This is another reason Marlou chose iONE’s software: “The configuration and visualization options within iONE are ideal. The customer sees the product ’emerge’ before his eyes.” On a tablet, the ideal furniture is put together with the customer. That one sofa in a different composition or fabric? You can! Thanks to the product configurator and renders, the customer gets an almost indistinguishable image of his dream sofa in no time.

"At least 80% of the designs in MyRoomPlans result in an order."

Marlou Deurloo - Lancee I owner


Realistic image with a room planner

But iONE offers many more useful tools. Take, for example, MyRoomPlans, the 3D room planner. This allows the client’s living space to be recreated exactly, and the desired furniture can be placed in the space, configured and adjusted where necessary, just until everything is completely to their liking. This gives the customer a very realistic picture of how the desired furniture will fit into his or her interior. In terms of size, but also in terms of color.

“The room planner is really a godsend,” Marlou knows from experience. “And SO easy to work with! In less than half an hour you already have a very clear picture of the possibilities for the design of your room. That effort pays off handsomely. In at least 80% of cases, the design results in a concrete order.”


Strong in-store and online

With MyRoomPlans, Ladela can provide customers with reliable and expert interior design advice, both in-store and online. An ideal solution, especially if physical shopping is not possible for any reason. Marlou: “Especially during the lockdown, this was a godsend for us. The store had just been open a few weeks when we already had to close the doors. But by offering online consultations and a free 3D room design, we were still able to stay in touch with our customers during the lockdown. And we were able to keep running.”

"Thanks to the room planner, we were able to keep running even during lockdown," he said.

Marlou Deurloo - Lancee I owner


Innovative system

Marlou has found in iONE an innovative system that allows her to work completely digitally. The result is error-free orders, short lines, no duplication and optimal customer service. And thanks to the dashboard features and reporting capabilities within iONE, Marlou has access to the ins and outs of her store anytime, anywhere in the world. Without a single piece of paper.


100% efficiency

purchasing and sales fully automated

100% paperless

all processes digitized

100% flawless

optimal service, higher customer satisfaction

100% experience

thanks to product visualization and MyRoomPlans

Do you also want to get rid of all the paperwork and provide the ultimate living experience? Switch to iONE!

Are you ready to go 100% digital? Are you looking for ways to best advise your customer and provide the ultimate experience? And would you like to know what opportunities iONE can offer you? If so, please contact one of our specialists. We’d love to see what we can do for you.

Delivered software solution

    • iONE basic software
    • Quotation and order processing incl. sales assistant
    • POS processing with linked pin
    • Logistics
    • CRM
    • Fully integrated service module with custom workflow creations
    • Article and inventory management
      • Notification system
      • Very comprehensive management information system and statistics functionalities
      • Full EDI communication with manufacturer of catalogs, orders and order confirmations
      • Fully automated Warranty Plus Plan
      • Fully integrated link to MyRoomPlans